miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015

A Canine portrait of Me!!

Which of the members of The Not Perfect Hat Club canine team do you feel the most like you?

Ludmila says:  I am like Midge because I am friendly, I always  try to make friends and if I want to make a new friend ( like Midge did with Newton) I do the same that Midge did!
Guadalupe says: I think that Midge is the most similar dog to me  because she is a dog that never wants to be in trouble like me and  when she is sad or frustrated she thinks in positive as I do.

Zoe says : I think that the dog that is similar, in some aspects ,to me is Midge, because she didn’t get involved in problems, and she cares a lot about her friends and family.
Marco says : I  think I am similar to Midge because I give advise, I help persons,
 I have a lot of friends and I make them very fast.

Fabricio says: The dog that is similar to me is Scooter because when someone is very good at something I think that he is the best at everything. That happens with Santiago, my friend , who is very good at football, he has good marks at school, he is good at rugby and he is good at playing videogames but I saw that he also makes mistakes so I understand that no one is perfect and you can be very good at some things but in other things you cannot be so good so there you understand that you aren´t perfect.

Agustina says:I feel that the dog that is more similar to me is Midge because I think that I have similar feelings for example she felt depressed and  did not like when she was the last to be chosen and I share the same feelings when I am in that situation and I think that we share that we are girls and we don’t like to be in a problem and to have friends.

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015

Apologizing , a key to solve a problem!

 Newton says: "Without ever waiting for Carl’s permission, I raced over, jumped on Jabber’s chest, and started licking his face. “I’m so sorry,” I whined again and again."
 The Not Perfect Hat (chapter 9) by Jena Ball.

  • Newton felt bad about what happened to Jabber and apologized. 

Have you ever needed to apologize ? How did you feel about it?

" Once I needed to apologize to my mum because she wanted me to take out the leaves in the pool, but there were a lot of leaves, so I didn't want to do it, but my mum got angry. So, I felt sad about it because she ended up doing two things at the same time. I felt guilty. But when I offered her my help she told me that she was not going to take me to a birthday party I had that day. Finally, I started to apologize again  because I really felt sad about that. Finally she understood me. I helped her  to take out the leaves and I went to the party. I learnt that helping is necessary because in the end it has consequences." By Fabricio

Añadir leyenda
"It was in the beach. I was playing  volleyball with my family when a boy started walking in the middle of the pitch and I hit him with the ball and he started crying. I was feeling very guilty, so I apologized because he was very little and his father told me that it didn’t matter, but the boy had a very angry face and he looked at me very furious. Then I said sorry to the boy and he said “ok” and he looked to another way. Finally, I wasn’t feeling bad, because I said sorry and I apologize but the boy ran away…"By Zoe

"One day I had a argument in the school with a friend and I said bad things that I didn think before saying them .Then I went to my house,I reflected upon them  and I realised  I was sorry.So then I apologised to that friend, and I felt better then because I had admitted my mistake and I learnt about it." By Guada

"It happened once I was in my house  and I wanted to watch TV. My father was watching a football match that was important for him on the TV that I wanted to use. I shouted at him that I needed to see that film. My father was planning to go out to a restaurant with all my family, but when I acted using those  manners, he decided to stay at home and he said that I was not going to take hockey training any more. Later, I felt very guilty and depressed because I love  hockey.
I apologized to him three times so he decided to deprive me from the training for  one week. The moral of this anecdote is that I have to respect adults and think things twice before I talk" By Agustina
"One day when I was in the school a girl in my group of friends said something very sad about me. She gossipped. But I didn't pay attention to her and I gossipped about her private things.The next day I felt  angry with myself; but luckily my friend put herself in my shoes and we apologized to each other, and now we are friends again. I felt relieved after talking to her." By Ludmila
" One day I was at school and I told something to a friend that hurt him. The next day we talked again and I said ”hey, I am so sorry about what happened yesterday”. He told me “ok, I forgive you”. Then I promised that this would never happen again. And we were friends again. After that I felt better because I could apologize, and I knew that everything came back to normality." By Manuel

"One day I had a argument with one of my best friends. This was last 13th of November. It started like this:  Some friends and I were in the last break at school and the girl went to another area of the playground, so I went up to her with other three girls to ask her what had happened, but we were kicked out. So then in the rest of the afternoon we continued discussing.Then I started crying because, the girls said horrible things to me and  to some of my friends too. So on Monday, we all clarified what had happened. Apparently she had felt uncomfortable about something we had said. We all knew that we didn't want to argue. And after talking things over, we all felt better." By Mora        

Dogs were barking about Newton and Jabber´s accident! 

According to Marco who has done some research, the difference between gossip and rumour is :
Rumour refers to spreading specific information about someone or something that has not been verified. In other words, this information may be true or false.
Gossip refers to talking about someone or something with another person or a group of persons.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Unexpected Reactions

Newton says:"Moments later, I landed so hard, with so much speed, that I had to keep running to prevent myself from falling. That’s when I chose to do something I’d never done before, something I never thought to do because I was trained to be a good dog – I kept running! That’s right, I pointed my nose in the direction of the park and galloped towards it as fast as my paws would carry me"

                                   The Not Perfect Hat Club  ( chapter 6)by Jena Ball

Have you ever done something that you didn’t expect to do?

Agustina says: "Yes, It was this year, when I went to Disney. I liked it so much that I was always feeling anxious and nervous. There was an enormous roller coaster that I could see it from the street. When it was my turn of going I went into the first place and after I went two times more. I didn’t expect to do such an amazing thing!"

Delfina says : "One day I was talking to my mum and she said to me something that made me angry and I answered bad to her.Then I went to my bedroom to reflect and I was shocked about my attitude! Then I went downstairs and I said sorry to her because she is my mum and I have to 
respect her."

Ludmila says: "One day I was in the pool of a friend and they were teaching me how to do the somersault and I thought that I was not going to be able to do it,and at the end I could do and was very happy and now I always do It "

lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2015

Sometimes things do not come up as expected!

 Newton says:   " Every time I went to dog shows, and stood beside all the other beautiful golden retrievers, I wanted to hide.
 I knew that when the judge came to look at me he would find something wrong. “Better luck next time,” my disappointed trainer would say as we left the show ring.
 Back at the kennel, the other dogs would make fun of me. “Newton is a loser,” they’d bark. This hurt my feelings and made me sad."
                                      jena Ball (Not Perfect Hat Club)

                "Once I tried to do an exercise in hockey and I did it wrong, I felt     a little sad and frustrated but I tried to think positive and I tried and tried until I did it right! "
                                    By :Guada   

"One day when I tried to do the flic flac (A VERY DIFFICULT AND DANGEROUS MOVEMENT) in gimnastics, I was very anxious, but I couldn't do it and  I felt sad because everybody could except for me.! So I said: I am going to do it , so I tried and… I do it now! " By :Mori

"I tried to help my mum to cook some potatoes for dinner, but I spoiled the food because I used too much flour in the bowl and it looked like a kindergarten mix.!  I felt very angry with me, and after that I stopped helping her. I have never again given her a hand. " 
By Fabricio

"When I was a five years old I was trying to skateboard but I couldn´t do it and then I broke a ceramic.I feel disappointed so then I never tried it again".

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

Not Perfect reflections

How can an imperfect picture look like?

What does it mean not TO BE PERFECT?
Here we tell you our ideas!

"Being not perfect , to me, means that you have errors, some things you can't  do well and you have to try a lot of times to do them well." Fabricio.

"I think that not perfection is being like yourself because you are not perfect. Being Not perfect is making mistakes and learning too." Agustina.

"I think that not perfect means that you can make mistakes to learn and only be yourself." Guadalupe.

"It’s okay not being perfect, it is like… Being normal!!.. Just like everyone!!! (but in a special way)
My opinion of being “normal” is that it’s good, because we all make mistakes, and  we learn from our mistakes!! But the thing is that we are all different and special, "WE ARE LIKE SNOWFLAKES, EACH ONE IS DIFFERENT AND EACH ONE HAS TO FIND HIS OWN WAY"… Zoe

 "To me “not perfect”means that not always do we have to do the things exactly how they are because each one is different and special ,and each one has something different or in common with others." Ludmila

 "To me not to be perfect is to do all the things different like the other persons and not to do all the things well" Delfina

"To me not perfection means not to be perfect, not to make all things well." Manuel

"To me to be not perfect is to be bad in some things or aspects" Joaquin

"To me not perfection  means to do some things wrong" Mora.