Slam Poetry

  Slam Poetry: It is a type of poetry expressing a person´s personal story and/or struggle usually in an intensely emotional style. Very powerful, sincere, and moving.As with hip-hop music, the subject matter concerns urban life.
(Urban Dictionary)
You Know What It’s Like, Right?’ by  Jabber 

The push,
The glide, 
The sidewalk talking through your feet, 
The way the streets are waves to ride 
To slide down steps and rails 
Riding to places where nothing – not even teachers - can reach you.” 
“You know what it’s like, right? Grounded without wheels,
Parked like a broken bus at your desk. 
‘Sit up straight.’ 
Don’t be late.
‘Pay attention when I’m talking to you.’
‘Don’t you know?’
‘Don’t you care?’
‘This is your future we’re talking about here.’“ “But all I can think,
Is if this is my future I wanna hide,
To jump on my board and ride
To another place,
Join another race
That thinks it’s okay to ride,
That’s never heard of math or rules
So stupid you have to break them.
That doesn’t test, but sees the best in every kid. 
That’s where I want to ride.
The End.”

Here we are at the library writing our slam poems about Argentina

We are ready! Enjoy our collaborative slam poem!

Argentinian Slam Poem By 5th form students
Welcome to Argentina
here we have a lot of things
if you visit Argentina you can go to the obelisk
come here now and you are going to have fun!

In Argentina people
have different races, customs,countries and colors
we are all different
remember we have many cultures,religions and costumes too.

In Argentina we have tried to dance!
Folklore for adults is nice but you have to try!
Tango is difficult but you have to try again!
Can you, lady, dance with me please?
Sure, gentleman but I have to try!!

Here we have a lot of food…
asado,locro,dulce de leche,empanadas & sweets.
They are also part of our cultural tradition
and don't forget to share with friends!
Come here!Come here!
We have a lot of food!
In Argentina we have a special sport.
And that sport is football and we love it a lot.
We also have another sport called Pato
Have you seen our National Team?

In Argentina our drink is mate.
The original mate is the bitter one
you need yerba mate and hot water too
sweet mate is the best option to me.

In Argentina  there are a lots of biomes
I give you a warning
be caraeful with pumas and jaguars!!
armadillo,hornero,eagle and ostrich are part of our fauna too.

In Argentina we have a lot of landscape, the mountains, the beach, waterfalls and glaciers.
you can go to the north, to the south, to the west and to the east
you always have a place to go on holidays

we want more visitors and lovers too
we want you to join us,
we want you to swim,
to dance,
to wear our clothes
that´s why we show you our typical things
come and visit us!