miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015

A Canine portrait of Me!!

Which of the members of The Not Perfect Hat Club canine team do you feel the most like you?

Ludmila says:  I am like Midge because I am friendly, I always  try to make friends and if I want to make a new friend ( like Midge did with Newton) I do the same that Midge did!
Guadalupe says: I think that Midge is the most similar dog to me  because she is a dog that never wants to be in trouble like me and  when she is sad or frustrated she thinks in positive as I do.

Zoe says : I think that the dog that is similar, in some aspects ,to me is Midge, because she didn’t get involved in problems, and she cares a lot about her friends and family.
Marco says : I  think I am similar to Midge because I give advise, I help persons,
 I have a lot of friends and I make them very fast.

Fabricio says: The dog that is similar to me is Scooter because when someone is very good at something I think that he is the best at everything. That happens with Santiago, my friend , who is very good at football, he has good marks at school, he is good at rugby and he is good at playing videogames but I saw that he also makes mistakes so I understand that no one is perfect and you can be very good at some things but in other things you cannot be so good so there you understand that you aren´t perfect.

Agustina says:I feel that the dog that is more similar to me is Midge because I think that I have similar feelings for example she felt depressed and  did not like when she was the last to be chosen and I share the same feelings when I am in that situation and I think that we share that we are girls and we don’t like to be in a problem and to have friends.

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