jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Unexpected Reactions

Newton says:"Moments later, I landed so hard, with so much speed, that I had to keep running to prevent myself from falling. That’s when I chose to do something I’d never done before, something I never thought to do because I was trained to be a good dog – I kept running! That’s right, I pointed my nose in the direction of the park and galloped towards it as fast as my paws would carry me"

                                   The Not Perfect Hat Club  ( chapter 6)by Jena Ball

Have you ever done something that you didn’t expect to do?

Agustina says: "Yes, It was this year, when I went to Disney. I liked it so much that I was always feeling anxious and nervous. There was an enormous roller coaster that I could see it from the street. When it was my turn of going I went into the first place and after I went two times more. I didn’t expect to do such an amazing thing!"

Delfina says : "One day I was talking to my mum and she said to me something that made me angry and I answered bad to her.Then I went to my bedroom to reflect and I was shocked about my attitude! Then I went downstairs and I said sorry to her because she is my mum and I have to 
respect her."

Ludmila says: "One day I was in the pool of a friend and they were teaching me how to do the somersault and I thought that I was not going to be able to do it,and at the end I could do and was very happy and now I always do It "

lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2015

Sometimes things do not come up as expected!

 Newton says:   " Every time I went to dog shows, and stood beside all the other beautiful golden retrievers, I wanted to hide.
 I knew that when the judge came to look at me he would find something wrong. “Better luck next time,” my disappointed trainer would say as we left the show ring.
 Back at the kennel, the other dogs would make fun of me. “Newton is a loser,” they’d bark. This hurt my feelings and made me sad."
                                      jena Ball (Not Perfect Hat Club)

                "Once I tried to do an exercise in hockey and I did it wrong, I felt     a little sad and frustrated but I tried to think positive and I tried and tried until I did it right! "
                                    By :Guada   

"One day when I tried to do the flic flac (A VERY DIFFICULT AND DANGEROUS MOVEMENT) in gimnastics, I was very anxious, but I couldn't do it and  I felt sad because everybody could except for me.! So I said: I am going to do it , so I tried and… I do it now! " By :Mori

"I tried to help my mum to cook some potatoes for dinner, but I spoiled the food because I used too much flour in the bowl and it looked like a kindergarten mix.!  I felt very angry with me, and after that I stopped helping her. I have never again given her a hand. " 
By Fabricio

"When I was a five years old I was trying to skateboard but I couldn´t do it and then I broke a ceramic.I feel disappointed so then I never tried it again".