Friends from all over the world

Connection n#2
Yesterday we had a connection with children  from Virginia,Iowa and Minnesota.Then Jena Ball asked us some questions.Then she read some chapters of the book .She told us to ask her some question and then she asked us some question.
Some question Jena made us were about Newton and one of my mates asked her If she liked  playing the violin.

                                                      Here we can see the video

Añadir leyenda

We are very happy to be part of this opportunity!

Hanghout n#1
We had a hangout with people from New York, United States last week.We started but then we had some problems with the connection and  unfortunately we had to finish it!
Then we recorded a video telling all the things that we analysed about The Not Perfect Hat Club when we met  at the library and we shared the roles that we all had.Then the teacher librarian gave as a paper with exercises to complete related to the story and our roles.
After that we took photographs with effects and we made hearts with our hands because when we missed connection with New York we felt frustrated and we decided to send this photo with  hearts.
By: Delfina

Here #nphcblogit has shared a lovely poster with friends from all around the world!
Thanks Jena Ball 

Our friends from India and Jena!