jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

Not Perfect reflections

How can an imperfect picture look like?

What does it mean not TO BE PERFECT?
Here we tell you our ideas!

"Being not perfect , to me, means that you have errors, some things you can't  do well and you have to try a lot of times to do them well." Fabricio.

"I think that not perfection is being like yourself because you are not perfect. Being Not perfect is making mistakes and learning too." Agustina.

"I think that not perfect means that you can make mistakes to learn and only be yourself." Guadalupe.

"It’s okay not being perfect, it is like… Being normal!!.. Just like everyone!!! (but in a special way)
My opinion of being “normal” is that it’s good, because we all make mistakes, and  we learn from our mistakes!! But the thing is that we are all different and special, "WE ARE LIKE SNOWFLAKES, EACH ONE IS DIFFERENT AND EACH ONE HAS TO FIND HIS OWN WAY"… Zoe

 "To me “not perfect”means that not always do we have to do the things exactly how they are because each one is different and special ,and each one has something different or in common with others." Ludmila

 "To me not to be perfect is to do all the things different like the other persons and not to do all the things well" Delfina

"To me not perfection means not to be perfect, not to make all things well." Manuel

"To me to be not perfect is to be bad in some things or aspects" Joaquin

"To me not perfection  means to do some things wrong" Mora.

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